Unique Gifts for Car and Campervan Owners

Whether you're looking for a unique set of Campervan Cufflinks, or a Golf GTi Mug, TidyTees can help you. With over 20 years of experience in the personalised gift industry, we've put together our brand new Car Gifts Website for 2023 which features some of the best unique presents for car and van enthusiasts across the United Kingdom.

What type of Gift are you looking for?

To help you find the perfect unique gift, we've structured TidyTees based on manufacturer and model


We're always on the lookout for brand new unique gifts to add to TidyTees! Below are the latest products we've added and is likely to change daily.

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We automatically check stock levels and availability Every 24 hours and record the highest and lowest prices helping you grab a unique bargain!

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Our very first website went live in 2005 and since then over the years it has evolved to ensure we're always offering the best products, advice and prices.

Infographic showing TidyTees in 2005 to TidyTees in 2023

Independant & Honest

We hold no allegiance to a particular brand and therefore are able to offer unbiased buying advice, 'honest' how-to guides, and a range of products ready to order online - many with Free UK Delivery.

20 Years Experience

TidyTees have been making and selling unique car merchandise for over 20 years! From personalised Mugs to full-colour T-Shirts - we've made them all! In fact, many of our creations can be seen in early 2000's car enthusiast magazines (Max Power, Fast Car etc).

Price Checked Daily

All items on TidyTees are price-checked every single day - we even track the 'highest' and 'lowest' prices to ensure you're getting the very best deal (and not just a Christmas money grab!)

Here to Help!

We have put together several guides on our Blog which cover essential care and maintenance for your unique car/camper gifts.

If you require any further assistance, be sure to fill out the form on our contact page!

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