About Us

TidyTees was first established back in 2004 as a one-stop shop dedicated to Car Enthusiasts Petrolheads. Over the years we have custom made and sold thousands of:

you name it... we've made it!

Back when Cruises were a thing...

Cast your mind back to the early 2000's, the time when Max Power & Fast Car magazines were sold in their thousands to boy racers all over the UK - hunting for those sweet 19" alloy wheel deals for their new wide arched Vauxhall Nova - we remember, we were there, and yes we did the same thing.

Meeting up with like minded car enthusiasts was our weekend thing, whether it was a few cars, or a complete convoy traveling to a "secret" location. As we parked our cars around empty car parks - we all wanted to wear something unique and original - TidyTees was born.

What is this site now?

TidyTees has grown up, but our roots remain the same. The loud grumbling sound of an exhaust, the undercar neon lighting, and the excessive amount of money spent on car cleaning kits still fill our hearts with joy and appreciation of a time when things seemed to be much simpler.

TidyTees has had a complete face lift, and essentially a v6 engine transplant to help other car enthusiasts (or their partners) find the perfect gift to show their appreciation for their vehicles.

Our aim is simple, to find the best car tshirt gifts and display them to you. Our experience in the garment & gift manufacturing process has enabled us to provide unbiased reviews backed by years of knowledge in both clothing manufacturing and vehicle knowledge.

How do the reviews work?

We will outline the basis of the reviews in each article, however our main scoring will be based on the following:

How to get in contact with TidyTees

We're available 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, and during this time we are more than happy to respond (as always) and provide support.

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TidyWare UK Ltd
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NG21 9PR
United Kingdom

Tel: 01157 148 378

Company Registration Number: 06831241

Map of our Offices in Nottinghamshire

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