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Flamefield Multicolor Melamine Mug Set (Pack of 4)



Price Checked 2024-06-15 13:36:18
Colour Multi-coloured
Brand Flamefield
Highest Recorded Price £24.48
Lowest Recorded Price £13.99
EAN / Barcode 5023412864249


Feast your eyes on the Flamefield Camper Smiles Melamine Mug Set - a kaleidoscope of colors to make your every sip a party! 🎉 Whether it's coffee, tea, or just a hot cuppa cocoa, there's no better way to brighten your day. And guess what? They come in a pack of 4! So why not share the happiness? 😁

  • 🎨 Artsy Fartsy: Dive into the world of two-tone multi-colour mugs that'll make Picasso proud.
  • 💪 Unbreak My Heart: 100% melamine means it's tough. Yes, it won't break, even if your dance moves do!
  • 🌡️ Heat Game Strong: Tested & ready to roll for temperatures up to 70°C for 2 hours. Hot stuff, right?
  • 🌊 Clean & Gleam: They're dishwasher safe, but microwaves? Nah, they prefer to chill.
  • 🥤 Thirst Quencher: Holding a groovy 350ml, it's just right for that perfect brew.

Outstanding Features

Material 100% Melamine 🪶
Temperature Tolerance Up to 70°C for 2 hours 🔥
Dishwasher Compatibility 100% Friendly 🌊
Microwave Use No-No 🚫
Capacity 350ml 🥤
Weight A light 0.66 pounds 🪶
Brand Flamefield - Setting trends ablaze! 🔥
Color Palette Multi-coloured 🎨

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